Today I start to publish daily reports on my attempt at the WealthSimple $100 to $30,000 challenge.

My name is Victor and I live in Toronto Canada. Sometime early this month, I stumbled on the WealthSimple investing challenge — it involves opening a WealthSimple account(for free), start investing with $100 (trading is also free!) on the app (available to persons in Canada and USA), grow this portfolio through small loose change investments. One can scrape these funds through simple lifestyle changes (e.g. stop smoking or drinking, but invest the saved change into your WealthSimple portfolio), follow the community and keep…

This is day 2 update on my adventure through the stock market in the WealthSimple Challenge. If you are wondering what that is, I mentioned it in my previous post here. It is an investment challenge where we learn about investment in the stock market by making small weekly deposits (loose change investment by cutting down on activities like smoking or drinking and ploughing the saved money into our portfolio). Wealthsimple makes this possible and easy by offering a zero commission and no fees charged for every transaction performed on its platform. For those interested: Get $10 free to Invest

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